Mettiti comodo, Il tuo viaggio verso la Riviera del Corallo inizia ora.


Mettiti comodo, Il tuo viaggio verso la Riviera del Corallo inizia ora.

Punta del Giglio

Facing Capo Caccia, the Punta Giglio promontory encompasses the water of the bay of Porto Conte, preserving intact all of its beauty.


The enchanting paths that make their way through the area allow you to go off exploring on foot or by mountain bike through the vegetation of the imposing limestone environment. Indeed, Punta Giglio offers a full 5 trails that lead to the edge of the sheer cliffs.


Here, sculpted into the rock, you will find traces of the plinths of anti-aircraft guns and a characteristic barracks dating from the Second World War.


But the promontory of Punta Giglio also conceals another valuable treasure, in that its cavities play host to numerous natural grottos. The underwater trails of the Grotta dei Cervi and the Grotta dei Fantasmi have given rise to a new type of sub-aqua tourism and play host to precious pre-historic fossils.

How to get there
From Alghero, take the road marked as "127 bis" heading towards Porto Conte and Capo Caccia. On reaching the junction for Capo Caccia, take a left and, having passed by the tourist port, take another left into the first clearing that you come to. You can park here and prepare for your trip.

Opening times and info
At the entrance, you can get info on the route between the hours of 10am and 12pm between 18 August and 12 September, or call the following number: 0039 079 94 50 05 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm). Alternatively, you can write to:

For information on the Grotta dei Cervi, visit:

In the Punta Giglio area, at the tourist port in the Maristella district you can hire sub-aqua equipment and then explore the most spectacular caves of the Marine Protected Area.

For info on diving in the Marine Protected Area, visit: