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In qualsiasi stagione, Alghero è in grado di offrirti innumerevoli occasioni per vivere a pieno le intense suggestioni della città, delle sue coste e del magnifico paesaggio che la circonda.


In qualsiasi stagione, Alghero è in grado di offrirti innumerevoli occasioni per vivere a pieno le intense suggestioni della città, delle sue coste e del magnifico paesaggio che la circonda.


Escursioni, immersioni, arrampicate e numerosi altri sport praticabili a stretto contatto con la natura incontaminata ti permetteranno di vivere attivamente il territorio algherese.


Connections by Sea

By ship For those arriving by ship, the closest port is Porto Torres, which has daily sea links with Genoa; Porto Torres is located around 40km from Alghero, which can be reached along the so-called “strada dei due mari” (Road of the Two Seas). Ships arriving...


Connections by Air

Alghero’s Riviera del Corallo International Airport is situated in the nearby town of Fertilia. From the airport you can easily reach the city on public transport, in a taxi or using any of the car-rental services at the airport. Domestic flights...


The city beaches

To get started on your voyage of discovery along the Coral Riviera (Riviera del Corallo), you would do well to explore the wonderful beaches closest to the town.     The beaches of San Giovanni and Lido Novelli, as well as the pine forest of Maria Pia, delineate...


Bombarde and Lazzaretto

As you travel along the road signposted as "127 bis", which leads from Fertilia to Porto Conte and Capo Caccia, you will come to two of the most celebrated of the Riviera’s beaches: Bombarde and Lazzaretto.   You will have no difficulty becoming enamoured of the...


Baia delle Ninfe, Mugoni

Beyond the promontory of Punta Giglio, the panorama opens out to reveal the tranquil majesty of the gigantic bay of Porto Conte, the only natural harbour on the island of Sardinia.   The area, characterised by the almost unreal immobility of the water, is closed...


The pirate bays: Porto Ferro

Once you reach the bay of Porto Ferro, it will be difficult for you not to gaze in wonder at the beauty of its features: delineated by three Spanish watchtowers, this is one of the most authentic, untamed beaches to be found anywhere along the Coral Riviera.   You...


The Alghero - Bosa coastal tract

But your trip along the coasts of this Italian "Catalan" city cannot come to an end before you have visited one of the most characteristic areas of the Riviera – the one that stretches southwards, along the shore towards Bosa.   As soon as you leave the city...



First established as a prosperous Nuragic village, Alghero saw the Punics and Romans come and go, developing a solid economy in the process. The city was an essential staging post, well-known to merchants travelling from the main trading ports of the ancient...

Special Offers
Eventi in Città
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Hotel Alguer

The recently constructed Hotel Alguer is in an ideal position near two of the main roads of Alghero, the beaches

Hotel dei Pini

Welcome to the Hotel dei Pini a hotel directly situated on Alghero’s most beautiful beach, ideally suited to offer

Hotel Porto Conte

Designed to look out to sea, the hotel is protected by the gentle shade of the trees and enveloped by the intense

Hotel Punta Negra

The low level, typically Mediterranean architecture featuring spacious terraces, blends well into the beautiful

Alghero Resort Country hotel

L’Alghero Resort é anche Tennis Camp ,  offrendo una meravigliosa occasione di incontro tra Tennis e

Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa

The residence Picalè is located on Alghero’s shore: the landscape of Alghero’s gulf and the historic centre of the

Hotel Angedras

The Angedras Hotel is located in a quiet residential area of the city surrounded by villas and gardens and with

Hotel Catalunya

Hotel Catalunya, open all year round,  is situated in the centre of Alghero,  in front of the harbour and the

Torre del Porticciolo

Hospitality is available in the form of 70 dwellings which can accommodate from 2/6 people.

Camping La Mariposa

La Mariposa Camping was the first campsite to be opened in Sardinia; it is located directly on the beautiful coast